I’an full professor at the University of Paris, Researcher at the CNRS  « Complex Systems and Matter Lab » (MSC lab) and co-head of the Bio-engineering and Innovation (BIN) track of the Biomedical Engineering master of Unversité de Paris, ENSAM and PSL. My newest challenge is launching the Graduate School of BioMedical Engineering with the aim to promote interdisciplinary teaching on engineering for health among the different study programs of Université de Paris.

The « Neuro- physics » team I launched with my colleagues Pascale Monceau and Stéphane Métens at the MSC lab in 2011 is part of the theoretical group and focusses on theoretical issues in neuronal cultures. These are artificial networks of real, living, biological neurons, forming ideal testbeds for studying which features of a neuronal population are critical for sophisticated, complex behaviors required for computation and learning. This study helps understanding principles for neuromorphic computation and the possible design of neuronal chips with computational power.

I am strongly involved in doctoral education; aiming at transforming graduate for the best benefit of science, society and students. Whereby I mean contributing for a better training of PhD graduates as young scientists towards tradition research careers but particularly towards broader career perspective.

Observer of changes in higher education, I’m supportive of reinvestment of universities in their teaching role, renovation of higher education and innovation in pedagogy.  I was director of the Center for Doctoral Training and Professional Development of Sorbonne Paris Cité.

On this website I intend to collect readings, comments and ideas on my lab research and other activities in higher education.

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