Samuel Bottani: Trained as a physicist I’m now more biology oriented, with interests going to a broad range of biological topics requiring computational and theoretical approches applied to Life Sciences.

In close connection with experimentalists and biologists I work on issues such as gene expression dynamics, control of genetics networks, effects of gene copy numbers and more recently on real (living) artificial neuronal networks.

I’m most interested in pedagogy for higher education, new teaching approaches and usage of technology for teaching and learning.

Strongly committed in my academic environment, I was especially involved in the development and management of doctoral education programs as doctoral school director and director of the Center for Doctoral Training in Professional Development. Currently I’m co-head of the Bioengineeging and Innovation in Neurosciences track of the Biomedical Engineering Master program of Université de Paris, ENSAM and PSL.

My newest challenge is launching the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, which  aims to promote new interdisciplinary training and collaboration in engineering for health among the diversity of master and doctoral programs  of Université de Paris.

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